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With a four month commitment you’ll get one article a month for only $50 each (and I’ll share the articles I write on my social networks). This is my NEW CLIENT, FOUR-MONTH COMMITMENT SPECIAL.

Since this is a SPECIAL new client offer, just send me an email that you’re interested and I’ll send you an invoice.

Not interested in a four-month commitment? My standard rates are (there is a link to different writing packages just below the PayPal button):

  • One 400-500 word article is $55
  • Ongoing project of one 400-500 word article per week is $40 per article
  • Ongoing project of two to four 350-500 word articles per week is $30 per article
  • For larger ongoing projects, email or call for a quote
  • For under a 400 word count, it’s approximately 10 cents per word, minimum of $25
  • For over 500 words, it’s $50 plus approximately 10 cents a word over 500 words

*All articles are search engine optimized. And, I’ll work with you to find a package that will suit your marketing budget.

Please note: pricing will vary for rush jobs.

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Content marketing packages for the natural healthcare professional

Not quite sure if you need a content writer?

Well, ask yourself these questions?

Have you been struggling to keep up with all the content that’s needed to just stay visible and engage your audience?

Have you tried to do it all or most of it yourself, only to feel burned out and like you’re not getting where you should be?

Have you been meaning to get a newsletter going, but just couldn’t get around to it. Or, may you have one in place, but have trouble coming up with content?

Have you thought about writing a book to take your authority up several notches, but haven’t had the time to get it done?

You’re not alone. Inbound marketing and content marketing are a job in themselves, aside from actually running your business (creating new products or services and handling everything else). So, it’s easy to see that you do need a content writer to help ease the load.

As a business owner, whether you have a small business or a home business, there are four fundamental elements involved in the success of your business:

1. A quality product or service that others need and/or want.
2. A marketing strategy to get that product/service in front of as many of your target audience as possible.
3. Search engine optimized content so you’ll have the chance to be the results in a relevant search query, bringing more traffic to your site.
4. Content that will draw the reader back to your site, engage the reader, and motivate her to say YES to your call-to-action.

To do all this, you need to delegate responsibility. You need to outsource. You need to let me do the writing for you.

  • I can write reader and search engine optimized blog posts and articles.
  • I can help make you the ‘go to’ professional in your field/industry.
  • I can help you build your readership, your authority, your subscriber list, and your search engine ranking.

This is exactly what you need to rise above all the internet ‘noise.’ Above all the other businesses in your arena vying for that reader . .  .  that prospect . . . that client or customer.

Experienced, Professional, Affordable

Along with being a professional writer, I’m an online marketing instructor. I mention this because knowing about marketing is an important aspect of being a content writing professional. Knowing about SEO, keywords, readability, shareability, search engines, and all the other elements of bringing your content visibility, readership, authority, and conversion, is what helps me write effective and optimized content.

Whether you need content on your blog, your newsletter, for guest blogging, reports, or ebooks, I can help you get to the next level.

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