What Do Businesses Run On?

All business runs on content, from messages and notes, to reports, to manuals, to videos, to marketing content . . . all business runs on content.

As a freelance writer and an online platform instructor, which includes article/content marketing, I see a number of small businesses (including home businesses) that don’t know how to properly format an article/blog post or write optimized content. This is a wasted opportunity for your natural healthcare business.

There is a marketing need for quality writing that does a number of things:

1. Is properly formatted
2. Is search engine optimized
3. Is reader optimized
4. Is engaging
5. Is shareable

Simply typing a post or article, newsletter, email, or other content for marketing, isn’t enough. Google wants that content to shine. Google wants it to deliver on all five points mentioned above in order for them to rank your website as an authority site.

This authority translates into ranking on Google’s SERP (search engine results page). Getting your post on the first or first couple of pages of ‘search query results’ is what will bring traffic to your site. This is what optimized content does.

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