Become an SEO Writer in Just 4 Weeks

All businesses needs content. And, whether they’re small, mid-size, large, or conglomerates, they all need writers to write that content. If you can write properly formatted and optimized content, you could be one of those writers. Taking this interactive 4 week ecourse will get you there!

Learn to write SEO content.


Learn to Write Super-Charged Search Engine Optimized Articles as Part of Your Freelance Writing Portfolio (Write SEO, Engagement, Shareability, and Conversion Effective Articles)

Here is What You Get



Brief Introduction


An In-depth Look at Article Writing for the SEO Writer

  • What is SEO Writing
  • Article Content Properly Formatted and Optimized to Increase Search Engine Ranking and Website Traffic
  • How to Create Headlines That Increase Website Traffic and Conversion Rates
  • The Basics to the Proper Use of References and Quotes

Editing Your Work

  • Self-Editing Books and Articles – 9 Tips Checklist for Writers
  • 9 Steps in the Final Stages of Self-editing
  • More Self-editing ‘Odds and Ends’ Tips
  • Bonus Section – Being a Writer

Lesson One Assignment


Super-Charge Your Blog Posts

1.     Super-Charge Your Blog Posts

  • Is Blogging Worth Your Time and Effort?
  • Keywords, Anchor Text, Tags, and Promotion, Plus Images and Video
  • Four More Blog Posting Optimization Tips
  • Does the Length of Your Blog Post Matter?
  • Content Marketing – Shareability, Sharing, and Paying-it-Forward
  • Blogging Smart

2.     Blog Post Templates and Formats

  • Blog Post Template – The 8 Standard Components
  • The 5 Most Popular Blog Post and Article Formats

3.     Using Content Curation

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Content Curation as Part of Your Blogging Strategy
  • 6 Simple Steps to Using Content Curation

4.     Guest Blogging

  • Best Guest Blogging Tips and Benefits
  • 10 Quick Tips for Guest Blogging
  • Is Guest Blogging Still an Effective Link-Building Strategy?
  • Want to Guest Blog on High Ranking Sites? Get Out Your Wallet

5.     Other Useful Information

  • Blog Comments – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  • Two Warnings: Deleting Images and Use Images Carefully, They May be Copyrighted and You Could be Sued – Two Blogging Warnings

6.     Lesson Two Assignment


Search Engine Optimization for Your Blog Posts and Articles

  • 20 Basic Blogging and Search Engine Optimization Definitions and Tips
  • Super-charged Email Subject Lines
  • SEO Marketing and Backlinking – Slow vs. Fast (or Ethical vs. Unethical)
  • How to use Trackbacks and Pingbacks Effectively?
  • Lesson Three Assignment


Website Optimization – Things you should know as a SEO Writer

1. Website SEO and Ranking

  • Introduction
  • Website Ranking – Basic Metrics (Elements)
  • Visitors, Visits, and Pageviews
  • SEO and Website Ranking – Inside Website Traffic ‘Visit Lengths’
  • More Ways to Rank Better with Google
  • Bonus: 20-Point Website Checklist

2. WordPress

  • About WordPress
  • WordPress Plugins

3. 20 Point Website Checklist

4. Bonus – The Writer Platform

  • What Is a Writer Platform and How Do You Create It?
  • The Bare-Bottom Basics to Creating Your Writer Online Platform

5. Lesson Four Assignment


Must-Have Report: Creating Your Freelance Writer’s Client List and Lasso Them in
with 3 Simple Steps

Write That eBook and Design Covers and Images in 10 Easy Steps
Using Microsoft Office (49 page ebook – $29.97 Value)


‘How-to’ webinar/videos to make the learning process easy
Review and critique/edit of assignments
Email communication for questions
And, ONE 30-minute call or Screen-sharing webinar to help with comprehension

And, it’s [almost] completely personalized. You order the course and you’ll automatically be brought to Lesson One. I will personally email you Lessons Two through Four – Almost NO automation! *Please read below, regarding Lesson One.

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STILL NOT SURE? I’ve taken the pressure off by giving you a SEVEN DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! No questions asked. If after the first lesson you don’t think this course will help you write super-charged articles and learn the SEO basics you’ll need to know to be an SEO freelance writer, then I’ll refund your money in full.

Article Writing Training Course Guarantee

Along with learning to write great articles for small businesses and solopreneurs, this course will show you how to optimize your own website content for better traffic and conversion.

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