Thank You for Your Purchase!

Hi, there!

I’m Karen and the first thing I want to do is THANK YOU for using my services!

TO MAKE IT EASY, no matter which content writing package you ordered, including the individual article service, the ebook, and the PowToon animation, the instructions are the same.

Here’s what to do to get started:

1. Send me an email with “AWD Writing Package” in the Subject box.

Send it to: karencioffi -@ -ymail

In the email, please include:

– Your name and phone number
– The URL to your website
– The niche or industry you’re in
– Your niche or industry keywords
– A description of what you do
– The Package option you chose (I’ll be able to confirm this through PayPal)

2. I’ll contact you within 24 hours by email or phone to discuss the project and get all the particulars. At that time we will also discuss any questions you may have.

If for any reason you don’t hear from me,* please call me at 347—834—6700 and mention that you just purchased an AWD package or individual service.

*Unfortunately, things can happen with the internet. So, better safe than sorry.

3. We’ll set up a schedule and/or get your project under way.

Thanks again. I look forward to working with you!



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