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February 01, 2016 | More from email marketing

How to Get Subscribes to Open Your Emails

In a recent marketing research conducted by MailChimp, the average email opens were under 20 percent. Knowing this information is important, so you can determine whether you’re: a. Below average b. Average … more

January 20, 2016 | More from email marketing

Should You Have a Newsletter Page on Your Website?

One of my WOW! Women on Writing e-classes delves into email marketing. Since I get lots of questions from students, I occasionally post them here. Below is a question from one of … more

December 16, 2015 | More from email marketing

The Email Marketing Autoresponder – An Overview

Email marketing done right is a very powerful marketing tool. But, you need to know what to send in the emails and how often to send them. If you’re like most email … more