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April 15, 2016 | More from content marketing, SEO

SEO Marketing and Social Engines

SEO marketing has changed. Or, maybe a better wording would be SEO marketing has evolved. It’s true you still need to take the major search engine players (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) into … more

August 25, 2015 | More from content marketing, inbound marketing

What is Inbound Marketing? How Do You Use It?

Inbound marketing is a collection of marketing strategies and tools that is focused on visibility and attention that brings leads (prospects) and readers to you and your website. Sounds great, right? No … more

August 02, 2015 | More from content marketing, SEO

What is Website Optimization and the SERP?

I’m sure there are hundreds and hundreds (maybe even more) of definitions of website optimization. One of those definitions is from “Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and … more

July 23, 2015 | More from content marketing

20-Point Website Checklist

Writing SEO content, in a way, goes hand-in-hand with website optimization. There are a number of similar elements. Having an idea of how to optimize a website will make your content marketing … more

February 22, 2014 | More from content marketing

The Evolved SEO Marketing – Content Discoverability and Socialization

SEO marketing has evolved. While the fundamentals are the same, it now includes socialization and organic inbound content marketing that promotes discoverability. Search Engine Watch describes the new SEO as “web presence … more