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May 06, 2016 | More from content marketing, SEO

Keywords and Search Engines (The Bare-Bottom Basics)

If you’re online trying to sell something or even simply working to generate visibility, chances are you’ve heard of the term ‘keyword.’ Keywords are simply words or phrases that people use to … more

October 14, 2015 | More from Blogging, content marketing

Blogging Smart Video Workshop – Blog Your Way to Traffic, Authority, and Sales

Did you know there are around 1 BILLION websites online? That’s a huge amount of internet noise . . . a huge amount of competition. So, how do you strategically get past … more

September 21, 2015 | More from content marketing

Is Your Content Writing on the Mark? Do Your Words Count?

If you’re a content writer, who are you writing for? If you answered the reader. You get the jackpot. But, even if you think you’re writing for the reader, in the back … more

September 14, 2015 | More from content marketing

Keywords and Search Ranking (3 Must-Know Tips)

I know this is boring stuff to many. Most people don’t want to keep hearing about keywords. But, they are still an important element of search ranking. Because of this, it’s good … more

August 02, 2015 | More from content marketing, SEO

What is Website Optimization and the SERP?

I’m sure there are hundreds and hundreds (maybe even more) of definitions of website optimization. One of those definitions is from “Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and … more

July 21, 2015 | More from content marketing

Just How Fast Can You Write an Article? (8 tips on how to speed up your article writing)

I don’t know about you, but I can take a while to write an article, usually an hour and then some. Even if I have an idea, I still try to add … more

February 22, 2014 | More from content marketing

The Evolved SEO Marketing – Content Discoverability and Socialization

SEO marketing has evolved. While the fundamentals are the same, it now includes socialization and organic inbound content marketing that promotes discoverability. Search Engine Watch describes the new SEO as “web presence … more