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Become a Power-Blogger and Content Writer in Just 4 Weeks is a four-week e-course for the writer, home business, or small business that includes an in-depth lesson each week, with lots of examples and screen-sharing replay instruction. It focuses on getting you blogging savvy.

First, let’s go over a few questions you should ask yourself as to why you might need this type of information:

Do you know how to optimized your blog posts?
Do you take advantage of content curation to get traffic and quality backlinks?
Do you know what deep linking is?
Do you know what anchor text is?
Do you know how to optimized images?
Do you know the all important basics of optimizing your website?

Let me help you bring your business to the next level.

This ecourse will show you to write powerful articles/posts for your website and guest posts. And, it’ll show you how to optimize that content to make it work for you.

Inbound marketing, which includes content marketing (Blogging), is the number one strategy for building and expanding your business. In fact, according to a new report from Technoratimedia, which is based on “over 6,000 influencers, 1,200 consumers, and 150 top brand marketers,” blogs are now heavy hitters with consumers. Blogs are regarded as trustworthy, they are popular, and they wield influence over consumer buying decision making.

The study demonstrated that blogs have more influence than social media outlets. So, your website and blog content is essential. Having an employee who can meet your article needs would be an asset to your company.

In a world that’s connected every second of the day, and that has more and more businesses and individuals vying for online visibility and customers, you need an edge . . . you need knowledge. You need something that will create a flickering light that will grow into a bigger and bigger flaming torch.

You need the know-how to bring you, your products/services, and your website to the attention of the search engines and the world. You need to make a connection to those who visit your website. You need a blog and you need to blog frequently.

Statistics show that Google has over 50,000 search requests PER SECOND, that’s around 3,800,000,000 per day. And, there are around 30-40,000 blog posts published every minute, probably more.

In all that internet noise, how do you get noticed? How do you become someone’s search results?

Through Content Writing. And, I have the know-how and experience to show you how to do it. Check out some of my testimonials: CLICK HERE.

Google now actually ‘looks’ at you – the type of content you produce, your readership, your social shares, your social proof, and so on. Everything you do online matters.

Every day that passes another business is getting customers that could have been yours. Don’t Procrastinate – Get Started Today!

Here's What You Get

LESSON ONE: An In-depth Look at Article Writing for the Content Writer (The nitty-gritty of writing optimized articles)

•    What is Power-Blogging / Content Writing
•    Article Content Properly Formatted and Optimized to Increase Search Engine Ranking and Website Traffic
•    How to Create Headlines That Increase Website Traffic and    Conversion Rates
•    Just How Fast Can You Write an Article?
•    The Basics to the Proper Use of References and Quotes

Editing Your Work

•    Self-Editing Books and Articles: 9 Tips Checklist for Writers
•    9 Steps in the Final Stages of Self-Editing
•    More Self-Editing ‘Odds and Ends’ Tips
•    Bonus Section – Being a Writer

LESSON TWO: Super-Charge Your Blog Posts

•    Is Blogging Worth Your Time and Effort?
•    Keywords, Anchor Text, Tags, and Promotion
•    Four More Blog Posting Optimization Tips
•    Does the Length of Your Blog Post Matter?
•    Blogging Smart
•    Content Marketing – Shareability, Sharing, and Paying-it-Forward
•    Using Screen Shots in Your Blot Posts
•    Blogging and Conversion – How to Get More Juice out of Your Efforts
•    Blogging and Google Rankings – Do You Really Want to Use that Content in Your Blog Post?
•    7 Major Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Blog Posts

Blog Post Templates and Formats

•    Blog Post Template – The 8 Standard Components
•    The 5 Most Popular Blog Post and Article Formats

Graphics, Video, Animation, and Slideshare Presentations

•    What are Web Graphics?
•    Web Graphics Breakdown
•    Using Video
•    Using Animation
•    Slideshare Presentations

Using Content Curation

•    5 Reasons Why You Should Use Content Curation as Part of Your Blogging Strategy
•    6 Simple Steps to Using Content Curation

Guest Blogging

•    Best Guest Blogging Tips and Benefits
•    10 Quick Tips for Guest Blogging
•    Is Guest Blogging Still an Effective Link-Building Strategy?
•    Want to Guest Blog on a High Ranking Site? Get Out Your Wallet

Other Useful Information

•    Blog Comments – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
•    Two Warnings: Deleting Images and Use Images Carefully, They May be Copyrighted and You Could be Sued – Two Blogging Warnings

Video Included: Publishing and Optimizing a Blog Post
Slideshare Presentation Included: Using Screenshots in your Blog Posts

LESSON THREE: Search Engine Optimization for Your Blog Posts and Articles

•    20 Basic Blogging and Search Engine Optimization Definitions and Tips
•    Super-charged Subject Lines
•    SEO Marketing and Backlinking – Slow vs. Fast (or Ethical vs. Unethical)
•    How to use Trackbacks and Pingbacks Effectively?

LESSON FOUR: Website Optimization – Things you should know as a Content Writer

•    Introduction
•    Website Ranking – Basic Metrics [Elements]
•    Website Visitors and Visits
•    Inside Website Traffic Visit Lengths
•    More Ways to Rank Better with Google
•    20-Point Website Checklist


•    About WordPress
•    WordPress Plugins

Bonus – The Writer Platform

What Is a Writer Platform and How Do You Create It?
•    The Bare-Bottom Basics to Creating Your Writer Online Platform

Week Four Special Report: Create Your Freelance Writer’s List and Lasso Them In with 3 Super-simple Steps (Plus, lots more strategies to get clients and work)

This section is a 12 page (all content) ebook on creating a client list and finding work. It focuses on both local business and the worldwide (online) route. And, it gives lots and lots of practical strategies, tips, and resources.


  • ‘How-to’ webinar/videos to make the learning process easy

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