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If you’re in the natural healthcare industry, the content you write is different than that of business. You have an obligation to provide accurate and fact based content that will inform people on topics that are the most important them: health issues.

This obligation means you need to research your topics, get reliable and professional health quotes, and if you’re submitting to academic journals, adhere to their professional guidelines.

Health writing is in a realm of its own.

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All business, including the natural healthcare realm, runs on content, from messages and notes, to reports, to manuals, to videos, to marketing content . . . all business runs on content.

– Are you a health care professional who just can’t get traffic to your site?
– Is your content effective? Is it optimized?
– Are your blog post images optimized?
– Do you struggle with Google and rankings?
– Do you know if you’re using deep linking in your blog posts to keep the visitor on your website longer?
– Do you know how to become the search results for an online search query? Do you know what this is?
– Do you know what content curation is?
– Do you know what newsjacking is?
– Is your website content shareable?
– Have you written an ebook in order to increase your authority in your industry?
– The questions go on and on.


I know what it takes to create an online presence. And, I can help you do the same.

Content marketing writing services for the natural healthcare professional

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