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Recommended Content Marketing Tools (Resources) For Business Success

It’s impossible to move forward with your business without some help. This page has resources that you can use to build your business. I highly recommend these products.



No code, no technical stuff, no fuss

Create your website in one day or take up to five days.

There’s no way of getting around it – you absolutely need a website. And, it needs to be work right.

If you’ve been procrastinating, now’s the time to stop. This 5-day e-class will show you, step-by-step, how to create your own WordPress Website. There’s video instruction, one-on-one with the instructor, and lots and lots of information and guidance.

Whether you’re an author, writer, or home business, you need an online platform and the website is the foundation of that platform. Get it done less than a day or take the 5 days with the WOW! Women on Writing e-class.

CLICK HERE for all the details


And, I also have: BLOGGING MADE EASY
Simple Steps to Building Your Online Platform and Authority

4 Week eClass on Blogging for Beginners

Since blogging is the #1 marketing strategy, this is another WOW! Women on Writing class just for beginners and intermediate stages. It’s 5 days, but you can easily have your site up in less than a day.

This class will lead you by the hand (interactive), step-by-step through the blogging process. You’ll feel comfortable and confident about how to blog effectively in no time.

The class also provides over-the-shoulder videos to further aide in understanding and reinforce the basics.

Check out all you get: CLICK HERE!


This is another e-class for authors, writers, freelance writers, and marketers: 

Learn to blog for results.

No matter what niche/industry you’re in, you need to generate visibility, build website traffic, build authority, and boost sales. This 4-week, interactive e-class through WOW! Women on Writing is guaranteed to help do just that. Blogging is the most authoritative and influential marketing strategy there is.

And, learning this writing skill is great for a freelance writer’s portfolio. Whether they’re small, mid-size, large, or conglomerates, all businesses need writers to write that content. If you can write properly formatted and optimized content, you could be one of those writers.

You’ll learn to write super-charged search engine optimized articles (and content) that will take your business up a notch. This class is for more advanced blogging students.

In addition to the 4 lessons, there are 2 Bonuses to this class:

  1. Special Report: Create Your Freelance Writer’s List and Lasso Them In with 3 Super-simple Steps (Plus, lots more strategies to get clients and work)
  2. Screen-sharing webinar replay: Create and Present PowerPoint Presentations and Repurpose Them into SlideShare Presentations for You and Your Clients

For all the details, JUST CLICK HERE!


Website Optimization – Blogging Smart – Email Marketing – Social Media Marketing (Inbound Marketing)

4 Week class on building your author platform

This is the perfect e-class for authors, writers, solopreneurs, and even small businesses: It’s 4-weeks, interactive, and through WOW! Women on Writing.

It will show you how to optimize your website, how to blog effectively, how to use email marketing right, and how to use social media marketing to generate engagement and website traffic, all to give your business a boost.

And, as a Bonus: Lesson One includes a Basic Website Landing Page Audit of each student’s website (one site per student – this is a $47 value)

For all the details, just CLICK HERE!



Create a profitable ghostwriting business

Who makes more money than most authors (probably put together)? The Ghostwriter.
Ghostwriting is a profitable writing business that lets you help others fulfill their dreams and goals. And, unlike publishing your own books, being a ghostwriter, you’re guaranteed to be paid for your efforts.

This 5-week interactive e-class through WOW! Women on Writing will teach you how to get started, how to deal with clients, how to create agreements, and how to charge. There’s lots of bonus stuff too!

This is a great writing skill, whether it’s to be part of your freelance resume or it’s to be the focus of your writing career.





Don’t want to take a class?

Well, I’ve got you covered. I offer the classes above as DIY courses.

Or, maybe you don’t want to take a four in one class/course as in Build Your Author/Writer Business?

I’ve got you covered there also. I offer video workshops for website optimization, blogging, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Just send me an email with “DIY Course” in the subject line and let me know which topic you’re interested in. Send it to


Another SUPER Important tool is GetResponse, the best email marketing service around.

You need at least 7 points of touch before someone will even think about buying from you. That means you have to have a least 7 points of contact. How do you do that? Through email marketing.

I use GetResponse and I love it. It’s one of the easiest email services to use and it offers so many perks and opt-in boxes. And, it’s one of the most reasonably priced services.

If you don’t have an email service yet or you’re not too happy with your current system, I highly recommend GetRepsonse.

Just CLICK HERE and get started today!



* Please note I’m an affiliate for Get Response.

If you have any questions about my workshops and/or e-classes, just send me an email at:
kcioffiventrice AT gmail — .com /OR/ give me a call at 347 —834—6700

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