Ghostwriting – A Profitable Writing Business

Who makes more money than most authors (probably put together)? The Ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting is a profitable writing business that lets you help others fulfil their dreams and goals. In fact, a number of books that reach best-seller status and that are in libr … more

What is Inbound Marketing? How Do You Use It?

Inbound marketing is a collection of marketing strategies and tools that is focused on visibility and attention that brings leads (prospects) and readers to you and your website.

Sounds great, right? No more hunting readers and potential customers down. They come right to you.

This is … more

[…] Inbound Marketing – Getting Leads to Come to You...

[…] What is Inbound Marketing? How Do You Use It?...

Marketing Success – Do Not Worry About Failures

Jack Canfield had a dream. He and co-author Mark Victor Hansen, both motivational speakers, compiled true inspirational stories from people in their audiences. They put these stories in a manuscript, called it Chicken Soup for the Soul, and sent it out to publishers.

They were rejected 144 … more

Website Traffic – Bringing It On In (10 Tips)

Whether you’re an author, writer, solopreneur, or small business, everyone knows you’ve got to have a website.

With that said, once you have a website, how do you g … more

10 Top Content Marketing No-Nos

Content marketing is powerful. But, you need to know what to avoid to do it effectively.

1. You’re busy, busy, busy, but not moving forward.

You’re writing lots of quality content, but you’re not getting traffic to your site

Make that content even better – be sure to include an … more

4 Social Media Marketing Tips To Being More Productive

There are certain strategies that social media marketers use to make their efforts effective. It’s not enough to simply publish your blog posts to the social channels. You need to have a plan. You need to work the system.

1. Number one is a give-in: you need to know your audience and … more

10 Top Website and Blog SEO Strategies

Optimizing your website with SEO elements does make a difference in how your site is ‘viewed and used’ by the search engines and people.

You want your content to be easily found and indexed, so it has a chance of being used as the results of a buyer … more

Content Writing – Be Smarter, Be Successful

Freelance Copywriting
Guest post by Will Newman (courtesy of AWAI)

One of the great perks of being a freelance copywriter, for me, is that I get to spend time volunteering in the seventh- and eighth-grade classes of my local elementary schoo … more

Create Headlines That Increase Website Traffic and Conversion Rates

Marketing research from shows that headlines are the most important factor if you are striving to increase website traffic and website conversion rates.

In an experiment, in which various elements of a website were tweaked to determine which would … more

Building a Profitable Information Product Business

Ever think about starting your own home business?

Just about every business starts with one product, except possibly a service business. For an information product business that product is usually an ebook.

All you have to do is decide on what type of informati … more

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