Website Traffic – Bringing It On In (10 Tips)

Optimizing your websiteWhether you’re an author, writer, solopreneur, or small business, everyone knows you’ve got to have a website.

With that said, once you have a website, how do you go about bringing people (traffic) to it?

There are at least 10 strategies you can take advantage of:

1. Write regularly to your blog and make sure the content is valuable to the reader.

Learn the basics of SEO for your content. This will make a big difference in:

– How the search engines find a particular post
– How they categorize and index it
– Whether they’ll use it as the results (answer) to a relevant search query

Simple tweaks, like using keywords and anchor text will make a big difference in reaching your audience.

If you have no idea what to write or are intimidated about writing your own content, there are writing services that will write articles for you (I’m one ).

These services might be listed as ghostwriting and/or blog and article content services. Be sure to check out their qualifications (their articles and blogs) before hiring them.

You can also take advantage of PLR – Private Label Rights. These can come in the form of articles, reports, ebooks, and so on, that you can give away or publish as your own. This is a great way to draw visitors and get them to sign up as subscribers to your email list.

A word of caution here: be sure to read the PLR content before you offer it as a freebie on your site or publish it – there may be errors in the content or outdated information that you will need to correct.

2. Share it.

Once you have an article published on your website, share it to all your social networks, including: GooglePlus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and so on. This is super-important. You’ll broaden your marketing reach by sharing to the social networks.

Search Engine Journal suggests using and, among others.

3. Publish your articles on LinkedIn Pulse;, Facebook, and Slideshare.

These types of sites have taken over for article directories, such as Ezine Articles. Just be sure you have great bios / profiles on these sites.

And, it’s especially important that your article will be useful to others. If your readers feel your content is valuable they’ll take that extra step and click on the link/s in your bio or call-to-action.

TIP: Always publish your articles on your own site before you publish them elsewhere. Google and the other search engines take notice of original content – you want your site to be recognized for it.

4. Get into guest blogging.

Ask peers if you can guest on their sites. And, get up the courage to ask to guest blog on ‘relevant to your topic’ influencers’ sites.

For blog owners you don’t know and influencers, check to see if they have guidelines for guest blogging. If they do, read them carefully and follow them just as carefully. Always approach someone with your best foot forward. Be professional.

Guest blogging on influencers’ sites can give you credibility and broaden your visibility reach. It’s a powerful tool.

5. Ask writers you know to do guest articles for your site. If they have followers or their own audience, you’ll become visible to this new ‘neighborhood.’

6. Visit other bloggers’ sites and leave comments. Be sure to actually read the article you’re commenting about so you won’t be tempted to leave a generic response. If your comment is interesting or informative, the author or other commenters may click on the link back to your site.

7. If you’re an author, join in on a virtual book tour. If you’re not promoting your own book, offer your site for authors who are. To offer your site you can post a notice on Twitter, Facebook, and other groups you belong to.

8. Join a couple of worthwhile forums and be an active member. This is a great source of networking.

9. Always include your URL as part of your signature.

10. Persevere. Remember, you’re in it for the long-haul.

11. Yep, there’s a bonus tip. Don’t forget about your mailing list. Share your blog posts with your subscribers. You can email part of the article and have the reader click back to your website to finish it.

Summing It Up

These are 11 simple ways to bring traffic to your site and gain visibility. To keep your readers coming back you’ll need to continue providing useful content.

Marketing is an on-going journey, but don’t feel overwhelmed. Simply take one step at a time and just keep moving forward.


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