Ghostwriting – A Profitable Writing Business

Ghostwriting your way to a profitable businessWho makes more money than most authors (probably put together)? The Ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting is a profitable writing business that lets you help others fulfil their dreams and goals. In fact, a number of books that reach best-seller status and that are in libraries have been ghostwritten.

And, unlike publishing your own books, being a ghostwriter, you’re guaranteed to be paid for your efforts.

So, what exactly is a ghostwriter?

Well, a ghostwriter is a writer-for-hire who may help someone write a book; write an article; write a speech; write a video script; write a TV / movie script; and so on. Any content that is written may be written by a ghostwriter.

In this 5 week class, you’ll learn everything you need to know about becoming a working ghostwriter, whether it’s to be part of your freelance resume or it’s to be the focus of your writing career. And, I will be available for questions and guidance every day during those five weeks.

My Qualifications

Okay, so what makes me qualified to teach ghostwriting?

Well, I’m a working ghostwriter and while I can’t give titles, I’ve ghosted two memoirs, a business book, hundreds and hundreds of health and business articles, and several medical articles for journals (editing and for one rewriting). There’s probably other stuff I’m forgetting.

Then there’s my children’s ghostwriting. I’ve ghosted at least 100 books (PBs to chapter to middle-grade) over the years from clients all over the world.

Below are just a couple of my testimonials:

Your work greatly exceeded my expectations. You truly are gifted in children’s writing. Thank you so much! ~ Karla Dominguez

IT’S PERFECT!!!! Thank you so much Karen. You are really great at what you do. We talked over the phone once and I gave you a few notes, and you turned it into a masterpiece. I found you while doing a search on Google and saw nothing but great reviews. Now, I can see why. ~ Candis Butler

Many thanks for all your work on this article – I know it will be a vast improvement on the original and appreciate your thoroughness and attention to detail with the work and the QHR guidelines, it was a great pleasure to work with you as well and I wish I had the luxury of your services every time I submitted an article!!! ~ Dr. Carol Gray Brunton, Lecturer, Edinburgh Napier University

I have worked with many writers, and none of them stood out. Working with you has been a true pleasure; the quality of your articles has been exceptional. I have not worked with a person who’s more reliable and responsible than you. ~ Vesna Galovic, Interactive Marketing Manager, Loyaltyworks/ Incentive Solutions

Thank you so much for your awesome job and help. It is greatly appreciated. You are an absolutely superb team player and so easy to work with. I will give all kinds of recommendations about your work and professionalism to anyone, any time!! ~ Jorge A. Zamudio, CST, MS

If you’d like to start a ghostwriting business or add it to your writing resume, check out what this class has to offer:


Create a profitable ghostwriting business