Create Your Own eBook – The Why and The How

Why and how to create an ebook.As a writer there are a number of ways to earn money. You can freelance, ghostwrite, and you can create your own information products. And, the easiest information product to create is an ebook.

You have no doubt learned a thing or two on the writing path. And, if you’re starting out, you’re in the process of learning. This knowledge (whether new or learned a while ago) can be turned into an ebook. One of the simplest ways to create an ebook is to write what you know. But, keep in mind the information you offer must be of value and something others will want or need.

4 Benefits to Creating an eBook

1. Creating an ebook is easy and cheap.

Ebooks are simple to create and you can’t beat the cost. You can create one for NO money, or very close to it. The primary cost is your time, in addition to some effort.

2. You can make money with an ebook.

It’s a product you can sell right from your own website. It’s also a product you can keep creating to build an ebook empire. Or, you can morph your ebook into other products: podcasts, videos, presentation, and so on.

You can make this a profitable home business.

3. It’s the perfect ‘ethical bribe’ / lead magnet.

While just about all writers want to make money from their writing, the ‘ethical bribe’ is probably more important than simply selling a product.

If you’re wondering why giving your ebook away for free is of more value to you than selling it, the answer is your mailing list.

For those who are unfamiliar with an ‘ethical bribe,’ it’s a free gift that you use as an enticement to get visitors to sign up for your newsletter or say YES to another call-to-action you have in place.

Whether you create an ebook to sell or use as an ‘ethical bribe,’ both options are beneficial. You can even take an excerpt from a ‘for sale’ ebook and turn it into a ‘freebie’ offering.

So, now that you know the benefits of creating an ebook, let’s go over the basic steps to actually creating one.

4. Become an expert.

No matter what industry or niche you’re in, being an author of a book gives you automatic expert status.

Wouldn’t you want your potential clients or customers to perceive you as an expert? How much more will they be willing to buy from you if they do? No doubt a lot.

6 Basic Steps to Creating an eBook for Free

1. Create content.

Simply open a Word document and start typing away. Get all that expert knowledge you’ve accumulated over the year/s and create your content. Just be sure that your content is reliable and will actually be of value to your readers.

Or, do some research and create a must-know ebook to solve a potential customer’s problem, obstacle, or need.

Pretty easy so far, right?

2. Edit and organize your content into an easy reading document.

Be sure to leave plenty of white space, as it makes for easier reading. White space means creating short paragraphs – take note of how I formatted this article. There’s plenty of white space.

3. Add images (optional).

Now that your content is set, you can add pictures (images). If you can believe it, this is free also. You can use clip art, take your own pictures and turn them into jpgs, or create your own images with sites like Canva or Laughing Bird Software (it’s easier than you think).

TIP: Laughing Bird is a onetime $37 fee that gives you tons of images, allows you to create your own images out of those images or upload your own images. It also allows you to create: Facebook or Instagram images, banners, book covers, logos, and more. I’ve used it for years and LOVE IT!

If you’re thinking of getting it, please use my link – I’m an affiliate: Create Your Own Images.

Here are two examples of what you can do with Laughing Bird:

Tips to website traffic.Adding Character Dimension

(And, these images could easily be made into ebook covers.)

4. Edit your content again.

Having a polished and professional looking product is essential.

5. Create a cover.

For this step, if you’re creating the ebook for an ethical bribe, you can create your own with Laughing Bird Software or other image creator tool.

If you’re selling your ebook, get the cover done professionally. You can use sites like The cost is minimal.

6. Create a PDF.

Now, you’ll need to turn the Word document into a PDF with a PDF converter. The newer Word versions have converters built in – check your Print feature.

Or, you can go to a site like and hire a graphic designer to convert it for you. It should cost $5-$10.

There’s also Kindle and other similar services. You can upload your Word doc right into them. Just follow their instructions.

That’s it. You have an ebook!


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