Blogging with Properly Formatted Content (3 Power-Tips)

Tips to optimized bloggingEveryone is writing and publishing blog posts.

Joe, Jane, Steve, Alan, and Mary are all taking advantage of content marketing . . . of creating content to drive website traffic (bring people to their sites). They simply write some content and publish it.

Grammar mistakes, not a problem.

Formatting errors, so what.

Ineffective titles and/or content, no big deal.

But . . .

If you want to be considered an effective content writer, someone who actually knows how to create a properly formatted and optimized article, there are a few elements you need to be aware of.

And, content writing done right (correctly) matters as Jeff Herring notes, “Article Marketing, when done correctly, is one of the most powerful forces online.”

Remember, anything you write, publish, and share, is a reflection of your writing skills. You want to be perceived as a skilled writer. Someone who knows her craft.

Three Tips to Properly Format Your Blog Post

1. Blog Post Titles

According to, “Better Titles = Additional Article Views = More Resource Box Clicks = Higher Website Traffic.”

Your title needs to represent the content in your blog post. This is super-important. You don’t want the title of an article to mislead readers. If you use misleading titles, you will lose your credibility with readers, they’ll probably get annoyed. Plus, it will increase your bounce rate which search engines will take note of.

And, the first letter of each word should be capitalized, except for words like and, is, and with.

You also want to avoid punctuation that will break-up the post’s URL (or you can edit the title URL before you publish it).

Not Effective: Blogging: format your content

Effective: Blogging with Properly Formatted Content

Notice above that the ‘effective title’ eliminated the ‘colon.’

Titles should also be keyword effective. Try to include the keyword at the beginning of the title, not at the end.

The same rules hold true for your subtitles.

1A. Make your title a complete sentence, thought. This is recommended by Marketing Experiments.

Don’t try to make the title cutesy, like, “Know What You’re Missing?”

That title could relate to anything. You could be missing a shoe. You could be missing an ingredient to a recipe. You could be missing website traffic that converts.

Better titles might be:

Create Mouth-Watering Dishes with Simple to Follow Directions
Do You Need Targeted Leads to Boost Your Business?
5 Hot Tips to Targeted Leads Guaranteed to Boost Your Business

1B. Include a WIIFM (what’s in it for me) element. People are interested in what will entertain them or help them. This means your title needs to tell them how it will do just that.

As in the last title mentioned, the benefit to the reader is boosting his business with 5 hot tips.

Here are three more WIIFM examples:

Boost Your Sales in Just 30 Days
Lose 5 Pounds in 10 Days
How to Create Powerful Titles That Will Boost Your Click Rate

Notice how each of the above titles has a WIIFM. Each one gives a specific benefit to the reader. And, the first and second ones provide a time element. This is another ‘title power tool.’

2. Grammar Matters

Yep, grammar in your articles matters. Use a dictionary, a thesauruses, or other writing tool to help you out with this.

Watch for punctuation and spelling errors. And, know the difference between a homograph, homophone, and homonym. You can look these up.

3. Spacing Your Article Content

Every paragraph in your blog post should have an extra line between it and the next one. If the formatting calls for it, the beginning of each paragraph should be indented.

Another ‘spacing’ element is to keep your paragraphs relatively short. Readers love a lot of ‘white space.” This ‘white space’ makes the content easier to read and is especially appreciated by skim readers (like me).

Notice the formatting in this post.

Summing It UP

Using these three power-tips will help you create professional looking posts with titles that will work for you.


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