Animation Script Writers – 3 Must-Know Pieces of Information

tips on creating animation videosContributed by Helen Clark

Animation videos are an excellent tool for telling the story about your business and engaging your audience in your brand. They have immense potential for helping you raise awareness about your business and build a strong reputation. As such, they can help you grow your business and increase your sales, and thus generate more revenue and improve your bottom line.

Why are animation videos so powerful? It is because videos in general have the power of tapping into people’s consciousness, instantly engaging them and compelling them to watch all the way through. Add a fun and interesting animation, write a script to offer them solutions to their problems and voila – you’ve managed to hook them in and convert them into customers.

However, the key to an effective animation video is a script. If you manage to write a killer animation script, you will be able to achieve your goals in no time and entice your target audience to take the actions you want them to take. Here’s what you must know before you get your creative juices flowing and start writing your animation script.

Make It Short

A short animation script is the key for making an engaging animation video. The shorter your video is, the more likely it is that people will watch it entirely. However, you need to make it long enough for you to be able to present your offer effectively, so that people can actually become interested in it.

The ideal length of your animation video should be from 30 to 90 seconds, which roughly translates into an 80 to 240-word script. The length depends on what you want to accomplish, so a 30-second video would be enough for not-so-complex products or services or simply raising brand awareness, whereas a 90-second video is perfect for telling the story of your business and marketing more complex products or services.

If your animation video is longer than 2 minutes, you risk losing your audience, since people may lose interest in your story. Therefore, make sure you make your script as brief as possible, so that your target audience can actually pay attention to everything you have to say.

Keep It Simple

You need to get straight to the point and present your primary idea and message right at the beginning of your script. You need to address the pain points of your target customers and present them with a solution to their problems by introducing them to your products or services. You need to explain how exactly your products or services can help your target customers and solve their problems.

After that, you need to explain why you are the best choice for them by showcasing the benefits of using your products or services. Don’t present the features of your products; people need to know how exactly they will benefit from doing business with you.

You should include a clear and concise call-to-action at the end of your script, so that you can encourage your target audience to take the action you want and need them to take. It can refer to purchasing your products, hiring your services, downloading your eBook or helping you spread the word about your business by sharing your animation video on social media.

The most important thing is to keep everything simple and communicate a clear and straightforward message, so don’t try and explain every little detail about your business; you’ll get a chance for that later, once you have your target customers hooked in.

Focus on Your Target Audience

Your animation video is directed towards your target customers, so it goes without saying that it should clearly focus on their needs and desires instead of focusing on your entire brand and its features. Showing them the benefits they will experience if they decide to take you up on your offer, instead of trying to sell your brand, is the absolute key for making them understand that you really are better than your competitors.

Showing your target audience how you can actually make their lives better by solving their problems is what will engage them and make them trust you. Therefore, make sure you write your animation script with your target customers in the forefront of your mind, so that you can manage to speak directly to them and convey the right message you want.

Final Words

There are many useful tips for making product animation videos, so make sure you check them out, as they could certainly help you with your animation script writing. However, by following the aforementioned tips, you can definitely be on your way to writing the best and most effective animation scripts that will take your business to an entirely new dimension and help it grow.


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