Driving Website Traffic – 5 Easy Ways

Tips to website traffic.Content marketing, in particular blogging, has changed and it continues to change. This is one of the constants about marketing – it’s ever-changing.

While we all know that content is all about value, since the marketing arena is saturated with everyone selling everything, your content needs to be beyond valuable . . . It needs to be STUPENDOUS.

In an article by Jeff Bullas (see link below), he explains that your blog posts “must be AT LEAST 10 times the value anyone’s looking for if you want it to hit the front page of Google, attract traffic, shares, and mentions.”

The average 500 word blog post won’t do the job anymore.

So, what are the 5 ways to make your blog posts powerful enough to matter?

1. Visuals, visuals, visuals.

Yep, you’ve got to use visuals. But, you’ve also got to mix them up. You can incorporate:

– Images
– Infographs
– Videos
– Animations
– Slideshares
– Banners
– Call-to-actions
– And, so on

With these visuals, you have to intertwine powerful copy (text) to make the reader stop, read, and act.

2. Keep it fresh.

It’s super-important to come up with unique content. While sometimes this can be difficult – how many times can you say that ‘content is important’ – you’ve got to find your own slant on it.

Do your own research. Do surveys to get other people’s opinions. Ask questions. Walk-the-walk.

3. Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose.

Yes, number two above says to have fresh content, but repurposing your content is fresh to those who see/hear it in a different medium.

Take the article you’ve written and create a podcast. Then turn it into a Slideshare. Then turn it into an ebook. Then a PowerPoint presentation. Then create a video or animation.

It may all be the same content, but again, it will be in a different format. Not everyone pays attention to the same formats of information.

For example, I’m not big on podcasts. And, I’m not thrilled about watching a video over 10 minutes. I prefer reading.

4. Do the social thing.

This is another must, as every marketer knows. You’ve got to share our content to social networks. It make a HUGE difference in traffic to your website.

5. Go beyond the ‘social thing.’

As Jeff Bullas notes, just because you created it, it doesn’t “mean it will magically be discovered and promoted. You need to get it in front of influencers and others in your industry.”

He has great tips on just how to do that.

To read Jeff’s article and get all his tips and tricks, go to:
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