Business Success Through Active Power-Consciousness

Success through active power-conscsiousnessGuest Post by Suzanne Lieurance

[Whether you’re an author, freelance writer, home/small business, or solopreneur, this article is for you.]

Wallace D. Wattles  wrote a book called How to Get What You Want that was first published in 1909.

This book is still relevant today and you can get an updated and annotated Kindle version at

In this book, Wattles says “There is something in the man who succeeds which enables him to use his faculties successfully, and this something must be cultivated by all who succeed; the question is – what is it?”

Wattles defines this something as active Power-Consciousness and he says “power-consciousness is what you feel when you know that you can do a thing; and you know how to do the thing.”

He explains that when you are in full power-consciousness, you will approach tasks in an absolutely successful frame of mind.

Every thought you have will be a successful thought, every action a successful action; and if every thought and action is successful “the sum total of all your actions cannot be failure.”

The first step to creating power-consciousness is to become absolutely clear about what you want to achieve.

Your goal(s) must be clearly defined (specific).

Take some time today to get absolutely clear about what you want. [ And, know in your mind and heart that you can achieve your goals. Project success.]

If you do, you’ll be on your way to creating the active power-consciousness you need to be successful.

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