The Social Media Marketing Smorgasbord and How to Navigate It

Getting into social media marketingI read a great article by Jeff Bullas (see link below) and it made me realize that those just entering the online marketing arena, specifically the social media marketing arena, can feel like they’ve been hit by a bulldozer.

There are lots and lots of social networks available for your use whether you’re a marketer, author, or writer. The most popular ones include:

•    Facebook
•    LinkedIn
•    Google+
•    Twitter
•    Pinterest
•    Tumblr
•    Instagram
•    YouTube
•    SlideShare
•    Snapchat

There’s also:

•    Flickr
•    Reddit
•    Vine
•    StumbleUpon
•    Delicious
•    Digg

This is not a complete list and keep in mind that you don’t’ have to use them all. In fact, that would be a mistake.

So, how do you navigate the social network smorgasbord?

1. The first step, and most important, is to decide which networks you should work.

You’ll need to know who your target market is for this one. Research the various networks and determine which sites your audience frequents.

I’ve written about this before, pick around five or six networks to broaden your visibility reach, but choose one or two of those to actually work.

Working a network means to focus on that network. Post to it every day (you should post multiple times a day) and engage with other users.

2. Determine what type of content to use.

In particular, determine what type of information your audience needs to help them move forward in their endeavors.

This step encompasses being helpful to your audience.  Become the person who creates and shares useable content and engaging content.

This will help create trust and conversion (getting the person to take a desired action, say signing up for your mailing list).

3. Put it into action.

Start sharing your content to your chosen networks. And, become active on the one or two networks you will be working.

To be active or work a network, you will:

– Share your own content
– Share the content of others
– Engage with others (reply to messages or shares from others; share the content of other users; start a discussion; post relevant video; and so on)
– Monitor your efforts

4. To ease the social media marketing time element, look into automation.

Automation allows you to preschedule posts and it allows you to have your new blog posts shared automatically, among other features.

Some of the top tools are:

– (this is the one I use)
– Buffer

An article over at, lists the top tools and their features. It’s worth the read:
Social Media Automation.

Choose one that will work for you and that fits your budget – some tools are free.

These four tips should help you ease into social media marketing.

To read Jeff Bullas’ article on this topic, go to:
5 Key Steps to Mastering the SMM Landscape


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