What Is A Web Strategy?

What is web strategy?In its simplest terms, a web strategy is your business plan (strategy) for building and maintaining your online platform or brand. It’s the long-term process of creating an online presence that produces positive results.

Everyone online, who is trying to build an audience or is selling something, has some kind of web strategy.

According to Jeremiah Owyang of Web Strategist, there are three specific elements to a web strategy: (1) the target market, (2) a website focused on your particular business niche, (3) the tools (including technology) to help you build and maintain your online presence. (1)

Bluewire Media created a detailed infographic on what should be included in your web strategy. It has useful tips in it:

How to Use the Web Strategy Planning Template by Bluewire Media.


Comment and let us know what you think and if you can add any tips to building an effective web strategy.

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