Is Every Webpage a Landing Page?

Website optimizationLeadpages has an interesting article on landing pages. It states that “landing page” and “what is a landing page” are the two top searched keywords on the topic. And, the “landing page” keyword gets over 90,000 Google searches per month. (1)

What does this tell you?

Landing pages are a pretty hot topic. People want to know what they are and I would guess how to use them.

Can every page on your website be considered a landing page?

Hubpages make it very simple, “All landing pages are web pages, but not all web pages are landing pages.” (2)

So, the answer here is NO. Not every page on your website is a landing page.

The reason is that landing pages have very specific purposes. They are used for a specific CTA (call-to-action).  Their purpose is to have the visitor take some kind of desired action. That action may be to subscribe to your mailing list. It may be to buy what you’re offering. It may be to register for a webinar or workshop. And, the content (copy) on that page will all be geared to motivate the visitor to take the action you want.

Think of it as a bulls-eye. A landing page is focused in on that bulls-eye . . . on that CTA.

And, landing pages have some kind of form for the visitor to take action.

A benefit of these highly focused pages with CTA forms, is that they have a much higher conversion rate than webpages. In other words, they’re much more likely to motivate visitors to take the action you want.

Here’s an example of a CTA form:

The Writing World CTA

When is a webpage not a landing page?

If a webpage is simply providing information to entertain, enlighten, or inform the visitor, it’s not a landing page. This is not to say regular webpages can’t have CTA forms. Just about all of my blog posts have a CTA. But, the page content is not focused on getting the visitor to take a desired action. The CTA on these pages is simply saying, “Hey, if you liked this post, you may want to check this out or subscribe to ‘this.’

With this in mind, your blog posts are not landing pages. Your home page is not a landing page. Your testimonials page is not a landing page. Your resource page is not a landing page.

Get the idea?

Below are a few examples of landing pages:

The Writing World

Become a Power-Blogger in Just 4 Weeks

Get Response




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