Blogging Boosts Website Traffic and Online Power

Build website traffic through blogging.Today, getting website traffic is at the top of everyone’s marketing objective.

Research shows that the majority of people search for what they want or need online before actually buying. This means you need a website.

Okay, you don’t just need a website, you need a website that:

1. Draws people in.
2. Makes you look like an authority.
3. Motivates visitors to take action (buy what you’re offering, subscribe to your email list, etc.).
4. Pleases the search engines by having keywords, categories, and GREAT content.
5. Is easy to read.
6. Is easy to navigate from page to page.

In other words, you need an optimized website.

Of all the above, number one is the most essential.

You can have a great book, product, or service, but if you’re not getting people to your website to SEE what you’re offering, well . . .

Another factor in why getting visitors to your website is so important is the search engines. The more website traffic you get (visitors to your site) the more Google thinks your site is valuable.

If Google thinks your site is valuable, it will use your content (blog posts) as the results of relevant search queries.

If your site is used as the results of search queries, you’ll get MORE traffic. See how that works.

Okay, so how should you go about getting that traffic and building a powerful online platform?

Blogging and sharing – Blogging and sharing – Blogging and sharing

Yep, it’s all about blogging. It’s all about generating a steady stream of valuable information that will be of use to your target market. Doing this builds your authority and influence.

In a study by Burst Media, it showed that those who visit and read blogs are influenced in regard to their buying decision simply if a brand is mentioned in the blog post.

This is power. This is power you want.

So, what are the two top blog post distribution venues (where can you share your blog posts)?

1. Your own site.

This is a biggie because you want all the traffic, authority, and search engine ranking to go to your own site.

2. Social Media.

Social media networks have their own search engines further delivering traffic to your site. In addition, the major search engines pick up the activity on social networks further broadening your marketing reach.

So, be sure to take advantage of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon. Promote your articles on these sites. And, be sure to be active on the sites, meaning share posts of others, get in conversations, and so on. This is social media marketing and it’s a marketing necessity.



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