What is a Landing Page and Why Do You Need Them?

What is a landing page?Landing pages have two specific purposes for most of us:

A. To build your subscriber list.

This is in the form of specific opt-in pages that are designed to motivate the visitor to give you his email address, usually in exchange for a valuable freebie. They’re subscriber opt-in pages.

B. To sell what you’re offering.

You may be an author with books to sell. You may be a content writer or freelance writer offering your services. You may have a different product to offer.

It’s this page that will address the need / want of the reader and offer information about what you’re offering and how it is the solution to her problem.

It’s these pages that will actually build your business. If done right, they will get you more potential customers (subscribers) and sell more products/services.

Bottom line, landing pages are designed to motivate a visitor to take a desired action.

An article over at LeadPages discusses different types of landing pages. I’ve listed six of them here.

1. Paid advertising pages for highly focused pages.

Paid advertising includes social media ads (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Adwords, and Pay-per-click.

The pages you lead these people to need to be fine-tuned for that particular traffic. You want to build your list with these pages.

So, these pages must be highly-focused with information – you don’t want any distractions. This is super important. And, you want an effective call-to-action (CTA). This means a clear directive as to what you want and what the visitor should do.

2. Organic lead generation (potential customer) pages.

These pages are where you’ll bring your organic traffic to. These are the people who read your blog posts, articles, guest posts, and so on.

Organic marketing simply means it doesn’t cost anything to create, aside from your time and effort.

Again, you want a highly-focused page with no distractions. The page should motivate the visitor to subscribe to your mailing list.

Again, have a great CTA.

3. An ‘about me’ page.

This is something I hadn’t thought about. While I do have an ‘about me’ page, I haven’t optimized it with a CTA.

Think about it. This is a perfect opportunity to get the visitor to take action.

You’re telling the reader about you and your business. Make the copy motivating and get a CTA in there.

Another great tip is to include your social share buttons on the ‘about page.’.

You might link to this page from your social media profile bios.

4. A ‘launching soon’ page.

This is a great tool to create buzz about an upcoming, workshop, class, webinar, a new product or business, etc.

You should also include a subscriber opt-in. Let the reader know you’ll keep him posted on the progress of the new event.

5. Freebie pages.

These pages will offer gifts in exchange for an email address.

You may offer a free lesson from a workshop or class. It may be a short relevant instructional video. It may be a free ebook. You get the idea.

Just be sure the freebie is valuable. It’s got to be something your audience ‘wants.’

6. Social media pages.

These pages can be specific to the social network. You might have a Facebook landing page to get more Facebook followers. It may be for LinkedIn or Twitter.

The point of these pages is to get more followers on your social networks.

Be sure to have your social share button readily visible. It might be a good idea to have it in a couple of spots on the page.

For more on landing pages, check out the LeadPages article – it lists 15 of them:
15 Types of Landing Pages


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