Writing for Money – Breaking Into Freelance Writing

Breaking into freelance writing.Unless you’re an established freelance writer, it may feel overwhelming to break into the freelance writing arena. It could be the thought of writing a 1000 word article. Or, maybe you’re intimated thinking of ghostwriting or editing a book. Well, freelance writing doesn’t have to be overly time consuming or laborious.

There are all types of writing, aside from feature articles, you can write greeting card content, fillers, anecdotes, short articles or posts, letters, jokes, and more. There are many opportunities to write for money.

But, what’s the worst thing you can do for your writing career? Doing nothing! As with any journey you want to take or goal you want to reach, action is essential.

With all your dreams and well intentions of creating a freelance writing career, if you don’t take some kind of action, it’s a sure thing that you’ll never get anywhere. So, no matter what genre you’re writing in, or want to write in, take the needed steps to move forward.

Once you decide you want really do want to write for money, you’ll need to put time and effort into creating and building a career. To do this, to move forward, you’ll need to write on a regular basis, even if it’s not meant for publication. In addition, it’s a good idea to read ‘good’ copy and content. This will help you hone your craft.

Another trick to keep you moving forward while you query for jobs is to actually type effective copy and content written by pros. This strategy helps train your brain to recognize good writing and will help you to emulate it. But, a word of caution here, this is only a practice strategy – you cannot use another writer’s content for anything other than practice. That would be plagiarism.

You may be thinking that you just don’t know where or how to start. That’s understandable. The writing arena is broad and can certainly feel overwhelming when first starting out, but there are a number of programs and resources, free and for a fee, that you can take advantage of to guide you to gigs, publication, and sales.

Where to Start

You can start by asking in your writing groups or ask more experienced writer friends if they know of tools, programs, and resources geared toward freelance writing. You can also attend live conferences or online webinars. There are a number of free ones available online. In addition, you can do an online search to find resources.

Another strategy to use to learn the ropes is to pay for courses or signup with a writing membership site. If you do choose this route be sure the director or instructor is qualified.

As you can see, there are many opportunities for you to get started and move forward in your freelance writing career.

Here are 5 resources to help you get started today:

American Writers and Artists Inc.

How to Make $250+/Day Writing Simple, 500 Word Articles

Become a Power-Blogger (Content Writer) in Just 4 Weeks

ProBlogger Job Board

Morning Coffee Job Board

There are lots and lots of more opportunities you can take advantage of – try an online search.


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