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Using images in your social media marketing.The world is immersed in visual marketing. This means you must be taken advantage of this marketing strategy.

While Twitter has made a couple of questionable choices in updates to their site lately, two of which are changing Favorites to Likes and adding Moments (at least in my opinion), this new one is a GOOD one. As long as your images are within their specifications, they will not be cropped.

You might ask why this matters.

Well, since visual marketing is a key element in producing results, you want your images as powerful as possible.

I’ll use my book cover as an example:

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The entire image tells it all. But, with the old Twitter image specifications, the image would have been cut in half. So, you’d see something like the image below:

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Not anywhere near as effective or powerful is it?

Which one would be more likely to engage you or motivate you?

So, you can see why this is a big deal.

I use images for Twitter (and the other social networks I work) and I would create image sizes of around 400X300 to keep from getting too much of the image cut off. It was advisable to remain within 440X220. (1)

Now, I can use 505X505 pixels or thereabouts. According to SocialQuant, images larger than the specifications will have the excess cut off. Images smaller, will have added white space. (2) Either way, you’re dealing with more visual space. Bigger is usually better with images.

Twitter also introduced larger multi-photo displays that allows more of each photo to be seen. Again, this gives you more visual marketing power.

According to Dan Zarrella, “Tweets using are 94% more likely to be ReTweeted.” (3) Knowing this, you should be taking advantage of it.

Images are an essential element of marketing. If you’re not using them in your social media marketing yet, you should really get started today.

To read an information packed article on this topic from SocialQuant, check out:
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