The Subscriber Welcome Message – 8 Essential Elements

8 Elements to the Welcome MessageMost writers, marketers, and businesses know the importance of email marketing. Getting subscribers for the ‘golden’ mailing list is at the core of doing business online.

Realizing this, you do the work and take the time to create an effective newsletter or information email campaign. You offer an irresistible ‘ethical bribe’ for subscribing and it’s working. Visitors to your website are saying YES to your call-to-action.

But, once the visitor/reader says YES to your call-to-action by filling out your opt-in, is your welcome effective? Meaning, does it provide additional marketing techniques to further your authority and sales.

If you’re like a number of email marketers, you realize the importance of getting that email address, but don’t realize the importance of using the welcome message as another marketing tool.

Keep in mind, it’s not the list that’s important, it’s the potential customers the list represents.

Having an effective welcome message is the first step in converting subscribers into customers.

8 Elements to an Effective Subscriber Email Welcome Message

1. The first step is to make sure your email campaign service provider offers a welcome message. If you’re not sure whether there is one, contact the provider’s customer support to find out.

2. Assuming they do, you’ll need to tweak the welcome content (copy) for effectiveness. You want to personalize the welcome message.

3. Check the timeliness of the subscriber’s receipt of the welcome message – the sooner the better. Again, if you’re not sure about this, get in touch with customer service.

People lose interest in things at record speed now. If your welcome message isn’t sent quickly, they may forget what motivated them to subscribe and then unsubscribe when it finally comes.

4. Let your new subscriber know that you appreciate having him on your list and being a part of your online ‘family.’

5. If you offer a freebie for subscribing to your list (which you should), make sure you provide the link to its download in the welcome message, if it’s not immediately downloadable. This is an absolute must. Your welcome message and gift is the beginning of a hopefully long-term relationship, it’s essential to start it with trust and reliability.

6. Let him know what to expect as a subscriber. If you offer free workshops or webinars, let the subscriber know that he should open your emails to find out about them.

Just because someone said YES and subscribed to your list, it doesn’t mean she’ll actually open your emails when they arrive in her inbox.

7. You might also use ‘soft sales’ techniques for a special offer in the welcome message. Pro marketer Ryan Deiss says, “The welcome mail is the first and best opportunity to get them [the subscribers] to discover the value of your product or service.”

8. Let the subscriber know where to find you. You’ll want to include your email address, your website urls, and your social network links. And, if you have an effective ‘tag,’ be sure to include that also.

Keep in mind that the opt-in is just the beginning. It’s like the ‘hello’ at a gathering. It will take a conversation and interest to move that ‘hello’ into a relationship. Your welcome message is the initial conversation.



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