Are You Anticipating Google’s Newest Update? (Penguin 4.0)

Updates to Google's AlgorithmsTo start, Penguin is all about links. Inbound, internal, external, backlinks. Links, links, links.

The purpose of Google’s Penguin updates is to continually keep spammers and black hat marketers at bay as much as possible, and keep the rest of us on our toes . . . and honest.

This latest update is kind of unique in that it’s supposed to be in real-time.
According to a Forbes article, “With Penguin going real-time the algorithm will now catch spam link profiles more quickly and help keep sites from ranking well in SEO that really have no business ranking in the Google search results.”
For you (hopefully), me, and every other honest marketer, this update shouldn’t pose a problem.

Although, you do want to make sure:

– All your links work as they should – are clickable to the intended site (no broken links)

– None of your links go to spammy or untrustworthy sites – be extra careful with links in guest posts and contributors’ posts on your site

– Links coming in to your site aren’t coming from untrustworthy sites

– The number of outbound links don’t far exceed your inbound links

When is this new Penguin update going to roll out?

Google doesn’t usually announce a specific date. This keeps everyone in full anticipation and scurrying to get their links up to date.

Word is though that it should roll out the beginning of 2016.

Two tools to help tidy up your links:


Checks for broken links – it’s free.

I checked three of my sites with this tool and it’s amazing and super-fast, around two minutes for one site.


Allows you to disavow links coming into your site that you believe are from untrustworthy site. This tool lets Google know you don’t want to be associated with the site linking in to your site.

Check your site soon, to make sure you’re up to date with your links to avoid any Google repercussions and keep your search ranking in tack.


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