Choosing an Inbound Marketing eClass Title

Inbound marketing e-classWe all know how important titles are, whether it’s a website title, a blog post title, a business name, or an e-class title, among other things.

Why does the title for an e-class need to be ‘just right?’

Well, if you don’t make it easy to understand for your target market, they won’t enroll in the class. If they don’t quite understand what the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) is, they won’t enroll. If the title doesn’t make that connection, they’ll move on.

The title is a BIG deal. And, a big part of creating the right one is knowing who your target market is.

I’m creating a title for an inbound class I’ll be instructing for WOW! Women on Writing in 2016.

The current class is: Get Website Traffic with Inbound Marketing

This title is a bit too ‘jargony’ for the new target market. So, I’ve come up with three new titles:

1. Give Your Author/Writer Business a Boost with Inbound Marketing

2. Take Your Author/Writer Business to the Next Level with Inbound Marketing

3. How to Get Your Writer/Author Business Moving Forward with Inbound Marketing

Just added a fourth one:

Get More Visibility, More Sales with Inbound Marketing

Which do you think is more enticing? Which one do you think will motivate the reader (potential student) to take action?

Just a note: The subtitle to the class lets the reader know what will be covered: basic website optimization, blogging right, email marketing, and social media marketing. The time frame is 4-weeks.

I’d love your opinion. Please leave it in the comments, even if it’s simply #1 or #2 or #3.

Or, you can email me at karencioffi – @ – ymail .com

Thanks for your help,