Blogging Smart Video Workshop – Blog Your Way to Traffic, Authority, and Sales

Optimize Your Blog PostsDid you know there are around 1 BILLION websites online?

That’s a huge amount of internet noise . . . a huge amount of competition.

So, how do you strategically get past the competition, or at least be able to compete?

Through blogging.

Yep, blogging is one of the most influential and powerful online marketing tools there is. It’s more influential than social media!

But, if you don’t blog right . . . blog smart, you won’t get the results you want . . . the results you need.

According to Business Insider, “With an estimated 150K new websites and 7M new pages added to the Internet every day, the biggest challenge for every entrepreneur is to get found, and get some credibility for a new startup.”

The article goes on to explain that startups have so many other avenues to pursue, such as funding, development, creating and revising strategies, and the time involved in those processes, that they don’t have the time to blog regularly. And, aside from the time element, most people don’t know how to write effectively. They don’t know how to please the search engines and the readers. They don’t know how to blog smart.

While you may not be a startup, you’re online to sell what you’re offering, that makes you a solopreneur, a home business. And, you need to take the same steps and take advantage of the same strategies as any other business if you want to succeed.

That’s where the Blogging Smart Video Workshop comes in. It focuses in on showing you how to write and publish optimized blog posts.

There are a number of basics to blogging effectively. But, you needn’t fret, it’s not difficult to do. The Blogging Smart Video Workshop will show you exactly what’s needed and how to do it.

Blogging smart will help you get what you need for your business: quality traffic (potential customers or clients – your target market) to actually visit your website. And, if done right, it’s guaranteed to build your authority. All this in turn will lead to sales and signups. Yep, conversions!

The Blogging Smart Video Workshop is filled with the blogging tips and strategies you’ll need to know to give your business a boost. It’ll get you visibility, and more important than that, to it’ll make that visibility count.

Okay, so what’s in this ‘killer’ workshop?

It will show you:

  • What your target market is
  • How to find blog post ideas
  • How to create ‘grabbing’ titles
  • How to format your blog post properly
  • How to actually optimize your blog post (including the use of keywords, anchor text, deep linking,
  • external linking, tags, categories, descriptions, images, videos, and much, much more)
  • A bit about ranking (why blogging smart is so very important)

And, there are three bonus handouts that offer even more details on blogging strategies.

This is a workshop every writer, author, and home business owner should take advantage of.

Register here now for only $20.00 and get immediate, unlimited access to this workshop, plus 3 helpful handouts:

Blog Your Way to Traffic, Authority, and Sales