Social Media Marketing – Moving into 2016

Social media marketing trendsA new year is a head of us and that means as an online marketer you need to know what inbound marketing strategies to pay attention to.

One of the most powerful strategies is social media marketing and there are some significant changes on the horizon.

Adam Houlahan wrote an interesting article that discusses some of these changes.

4 Social Media Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye Out for in 2016

1. Businesses need to get involved in publishing ongoing content on their social media networks.

As one of the most powerful platforms, if you’re not working social media, you’ll be losing out on: visibility, authority boosting, website traffic, connections, and conversions.

Houlahan explains that social media marketers need to create content specific to a particular networks platform.

As an example, Pinterest is image focused, Twitter is news and information and its focus is to bring the reader to the user’s website or landing page.

A savvy marketer today needs to know the differences between the networks and how to write for those that work best for his business.

If you’re a content writer, this will be a profitable arena to focus your energy on.

2. Social ‘buy’ buttons are in the works for Twitter and Facebook.

This is huge. The ability for a user to read a post and be able to click on a ‘buy’ button without having to take any other action will be like marketing heaven.

Every click or action you can remove for the ‘lead,’ moves him closer to conversion.

The user doesn’t have to click to a website, sales page, or other. Talk about convenience.

3. Visuals will be even more necessary in social media marketing.

Have you noticed that content on just about every social network is becoming more and more visual?

According to, “tweets with images received 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets. And, 70% of marketers plan to increase their use of original visual assets.” (1)

Visuals are fast becoming a must on social networks. If you haven’t started using them yet, get started soon.

I started using images in my Tweets. There is a monthly fee for this service, but it’s well worth it. For most of the other social networks, as long as you have a visual at the top of your blog post, it will be picked up as you share.

And, don’t forget about using video and animation in your social networks.

4. Facebook is taking it up a notch with amazing new features.

One of those features is carousel ads. Houlahan notes that “these multi-image adverts link to different pages across your business website.”

And, there’s also ‘call now’ buttons. A customer can call you directly from an advert that’s displayed on their mobile device.

Technology is astounding.

There are also changes coming for Google+ and Instagram.

While you probably don’t work all these networks, it’s essential that you know what’s going on in those you do. It can very well mean the difference between success and failure. So, keep informed.

Houlahan’s article is very interesting and worth the read. You can find it here:
Marketing Strategy – Top Social Media Trends to Watch for in 2016



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