Optimized WordPress Blog Posts – Create Your Own

Optimizing your websiteI have a few Slideshare presentations under my belt now. Slideshare is a great way to create a ‘video’ without the ‘video necessary’ tech stuff.

The way I create a Slideshare presentation is to first create a PowerPoint presentation. Once that’s complete, I simply upload it to Slideshare. It’s so easy and quick.

This presentation is on creating and publishing a WordPress blog post. Since blogging is an essential part of your content marketing and inbound marketing strategy, it’s something everyone selling online should be taking advantage of.

This presentation shows each step you need take to create a ‘blogging right’ post. It includes the title, URL, content, categories, tags, image, and so on. It even includes deep linking and anchor text.

So, let’s get to it:


Optimize Your Blogger Blog Posts
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Optimize Your Blogging for Success

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