New Twitter Direct Message Limit

Using TwitterIf you’ve used Twitter’s Direct Messaging, you’re aware that it could be challenging at times. You had 140 characters to talk to another user. Often, the conversation required more than the 140, so you would post two, four, or several consecutive DM tweets to communicate your message.

Well, no more!

Twitter users can now DM without having to send numerous DMs for one message.

As of August 12th, the DM limit has been lifted.

You can now private message another user with up to 10,000 characters in one DM. That should be plenty to get your message or point across.

If you use direct messaging, this is BIG. It’s so much easier.

According to Twitter, it should be noted that DMs via SMS (text messages) will still be limited.

I really like Twitter’s 140 character limit for public Tweets. With all the information out there, with all the social channels to keep up with, it’s refreshing to have a simple and quick to read 140 cap on Tweets.

With that said, I’m glad they’re moving forward with their platform to make things easier in regard to DMs.

The Big Why Question

As to why Twitter had changed its 140 character limit on DMs hasn’t been said outright, but it’s obviously a crowd pleaser. Happy users usually stay put.

Along with this, the social media market is extremely competitive. It only makes sense that Twitter will continue to make itself a part of the SMM heavy-hitters.

Thanks, Twitter!

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