The Email Marketing Newsletter – Two Powerful Formats

Email marketing tipsI read an email from The article (in its entirety within the newsletter) discussed the two fundamental email newsletter formats. The title grabbed my interest because I’ve been trying to decide which format works better.

The formats are:

1. Give the subscriber the entire article in the newsletter
2. Give them the headline and one or two juicy first paragraphs, then link to the blog post on your website. This is known as the ‘lure’ or ‘teaser’ format.

I’ve used both formats and I’m still not sure which provides more ‘bang for the buck.’

Let’s break them down.

The Give It All Format

Surely, you’ve received an email in which you get the entire article.

It’s easy. No fuss, no muss. You can read it without having to click to a website to finish the article. Readers usually love this format. The benefits for you are:

  • Your subscriber appreciates being able to read the entire article in one shot.
  • You have a CTA (if not, you should) at the bottom of your newsletter. So, you still get to promote what you’re offering to your subscribers.
  • The chances of the subscriber reading the article as a whole is greater than making him stop to click to a website then find the place where he left off.
  • With today’s email marketing services, like GetResponse, you have the ability to put SHARE buttons right in the newsletter (you should definitely take advantage of this feature).

Now, for the drawbacks with this format.

1. The first and most important is you lose potential traffic to your site.
2. You lose the possibility of comments on the originating blog post.
3. You lose the opportunity of the reader clicking on other articles on your site.
4. You lose the opportunity of the reader exploring other content and offers on your site.
5. You lose the opportunity of the reader sharing the article from your website.

So, you can see, there are some major drawbacks to this format.

But, the ‘lure’ format isn’t all roses either.

The ‘Lure’ Them to Your Site Format

With this newsletter, there’s a grabbing title and great beginning content that leads the subscriber to a link to the rest of the article.

If you’ve hooked that reader and she clicks on the link back to your website to finish reading the article, you’ve got the best of both worlds.

If the subscriber clicks over:

  • She gets the information she wants – she still appreciates and values you.You get website traffic and depending on how large your subscriber list is, it could be a lot of traffic. This will help boost your website ranking.
  • You get the possibility of comments on the originating blog post.
  • You get the possibility of the reader clicking on other articles on your site.
  • You get the possibility of the reader exploring other content and offers on your site.
  • The reader may very well share your article, possibly bringing even more traffic to your website.

All good, right?

Well, there are a couple of drawbacks to this format also:

1. The subscriber doesn’t want to bother clicking to your website for the rest of the article. In this case, you lost the opportunity of getting that article in front of the reader.
2. If the subscriber doesn’t bother clicking over, chances are he isn’t going to look at your offers within the newsletter – another lost opportunity.
3. If he decides he wants to read the rest, hopefully, having to stop reading and click over to a website doesn’t annoy him too much.

Obviously, number one above is the biggest drawback.

So, these are the two newsletter formats. Both have benefits and both have drawbacks.

I receive both from marketers. And, I use both for my subscriber list.

My solution for the time being is to give the entire article most of the time. If a post has lots of links or images, I use the ‘lure’ format. I do put a little note as to why it’s necessary for the reader to click to the original post.

It seems to work.

What format do you use for your email marketing newsletters?

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