Building Your Subscriber List – 4 Must-Know Strategies

Email marketing tipsEveryone marketing, including writers and authors, is looking for ways to get ‘more bang’ out of their blogging efforts. In other words, getting more visitors to click on their subscriber opt-in box.

Well, while the most important factor is to create great content, there are other strategies you can use to boost your conversions (clicks to subscribe).

4 Power Tips to Increase Your Subscriber List

1. Social proof

Social proof is powerful. It’s using screen shots, comments from others, and so on to show that others find your content valuable.

People are motivated by what others like. Adding a Tweet by someone who said your post was great, provides social proof that you’re worth reading. Including an image of a favorable tweet lets the visitor to your blog quickly know that others value what you write.

The same will work by displaying images of Tweets you post that get ‘Favorited’ and ‘Retweeted’ by others. Or, it may be a Facebook or Google+ comment praising your content.

It could even be a screenshot of being on Google’s First SERP or an analytics page that shows you’re getting lots of traffic.

All this is social proof that your content is worth reading, that you have authority. This will help motivate the reader to say YES to your CTA.

2. Powerful website headers with subscriber opt-ins

Along with having a ‘professional looking’ header on your website. There are WordPress themes that come with a ‘widgetized header’ (having special space to input the code for an optin). This is a powerful feature. It’s one of the first things the visitor to your site will see and it’s proven to increase conversion.

There are also ‘subscriber banners,’ but these require adding code to your website.

3. Moving Call-to-Actions

This type of call-to-action (CTA) comes in at least two different forms. There is the pop-up CTA that pops onto your screen a few seconds after you land on a site. Often, these CTAs block the view of what you were reading.

There is also the slide-in CTA. The slide-in isn’t as intrusive or annoying as the pop-up, as they slide into your view from the right. And, they don’t block your entire view.

A lot of people don’t like pop-ups or slide-ins. They find them annoying and distracting. I’m one of those people. But, marketing research shows that both these moving CTAs convert, so it’s certainly worth testing out.

4. CTAs at the bottom of each post

I’ve been doing this for quite a while now. It’s an excellent strategy. The reason it’s so powerful is after the visitor reads one of your knock-out articles, there’s your CTA to subscribe. It’s right there, front and center.

It’s important with this strategy to have a ‘freebie offer’ that’s relevant to the content the visitor just read.

Using these four fresh email marketing blogging strategies should definitely help increase your opt-in conversion. Try at least one today.


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