Blogging – Does Anyone Read What You Write? If Not, Why?

Content MarketingThe Harvard Business Review (HBR) has an interesting article on blogging without getting the results you want. Without any one bothering to read what you write.

It explains that while there are tons of articles focused on how to write a quality article, there’s not much on distribution strategies.

The article lists seven tips on creating and implementing a ‘smart’ distribution plan.

The first on the list of tips is optimization.

In an analysis from, it demonstrates that “search alone makes up about 1/3 of sites’ overall traffic.” And, Google made up most of that search traffic.

So it’s easy to see why optimization is first up. Optimization is about making your content reader and search engine friendly. The basics include a ‘grabbing’ headline, a dash of keywords, a killer description, anchor text, and external links.

Number two on the list is to keep it modular and cohesive.

HBR suggests creating “small bits of content, each with a targeted purpose, that can be used in a variety of ways. For example, a blog post can be excerpted to provide social media status updates, included in your e-mail newsletter, syndicated on LinkedIn, and more.”

To create that cohesive element, you need to plan out how to use the modules for a full reader experience.

Third on the list is segmentation.

I’ve written about this strategy and so have the heavy-hitters. You email list is not a one-size-fits all. You need to divide you list into smaller, more focused groups.

Segmentation creates a more personalized reader experience and allows you to provide focused content and promote differently to each group.

Segmentation allows for better conversion.

To read the full article and get the other four tips, go to:
Why No One is Reading Your Marketing Content


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