20-Point Website Audit

Comprehensive Website Audit
20-Point Critique for $197

Here’s What You Get:

1. Website loading time (Google frowns upon slow loading sites)
2. Title (does it quickly convey what the site is about – is it SEO effective?)
3. Subtitle (does it enhance/optimize the title?)
4. Header (is it appealing, effective, and relevant to the site’s intent?)
5. Opt-in (is there an opt-in, is it in the right place?)
6. Overall page design (clarity, background color, text color, navigation)
7. Pages (are all the pages necessary for an effective author website in place?)
8. Page to site content focus/relevancy (is each page relevant to the site’s focus?)
9. Page titles (are they keyword effective and relative to the site’s focus?)
10. Landing page copy (is it clear, engaging, and effective?)
11. Blog (frequency, site relevancy, optimization, and effectiveness)
12. Blog Titles (are they keyword effective and relative to the site’s focus?)
13. Blog Tags/Categories (are they relevant to the site’s focus and SEO effective?)
14. Sidebar/s (are they effective – do they have the needed information?)
15. Site relevancy to intent (is the purpose of the site evident and focused)
16. Title Bars (are your page titles SEO effective?)
17. Images (are they optimized?)
18. Copyright
19. Above the Fold (effectiveness)
20 Personalization (is the site personalized and visitor friendly)

* This website critique option includes recommended plugins for an SEO boost.

** All critiques include solutions to trouble areas.