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How’d you like my PowToon? I love these simple to create animations. They’re fun and they get the point across.

Okay, on to business.

If you’re a small business, home business, or natural healthcare professional, you need content that helps:

  • Build your brand
  • Increase your visibility
  • Increase your readership and shareability
  • Increase your authority in your field
  • Boost your search engine ranking

In a world that’s connected every second of the day, and that has more and more businesses and individuals vying for online visibility and customers, you need an edge . . . you need knowledge. You need something that will create a flickering light that will grow into a bigger and bigger flaming torch.

Your content needs to bring you, your products/services, and your website to the attention of the search engines and the world. You need to make a connection with those who visit your website through a regularly updated blog.

Statistics show that Google has over 50,000 search requests PER SECOND, that’s around 3,800,000,000 per day. And, there are around 30-40,000 blog posts published every minute, probably more.

The only way to cut through all that noise and have those customers take notice of you and your business is through effective content marketing. AND, I CAN HELP.

I can write effective and optimized articles, posts, newsletters, and must-have ebooks for your business content and health content marketing needs.


content marketing for natural healthcare professionals

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Content writing for small and home businesses.